Perhaps Spring Arbor University feels the same—at Hillsdale College, students often comment on The Bubble.  Isolated on campus, surrounded by same-age peers and same-old debates, students can be stifled and unprepared for the future.  Please, please, please—whether you are at SAU, Jackson College, or Hillsdale—come out of The Bubble.

Granted, the Bubble is busy.  Tempted by deadlines, it is easy to think, “I will engage in church life after college.”  After all, it is hard enough sometimes just to come on Sunday morning.

But what will change after graduation?  Will adding a spouse, some kids, a house, and a job equate to more time for church?  College is a great time to train for a lifetime of hard decisions.  Even more, college life will soon cease, but the church remains.  Students uninvolved in church often find the transition from campus life to church life difficult—but not if you begin now.

And will there be a lifetime?  What if the Lord’s return is soon, or your departure to Him?  The Proverbs say, “Do not boast about tomorrow.”  We should be ready either way: “I may live, so I will study hard; but I may die, so I will not live for studying.”

Think of it as an act of faith.  “Jesus, You know how pressed I am, but You give grace to the humble—surprising, unforeseen favor—therefore, I will bank on You, and put Your church first.”  One surprising grace is renewed energy.  The joy of the Lord is our strength, and ministry often brings joy.  Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Are you game for a try?  Even if you feel like Peter in the boat, reluctant and barely willing—“Okay, Lord, if you say so”—you may find your meager faith disproportionately rewarded with loads of fish.  God does give grace to the humble, and He does oppose the proud.  It is very unwise for us to ignore the Invisible Hand of God in our planning.  He often heals us as we step out in faith.

So, is it music?  See Pastor Rob.  Is it coordinating college ministry and helping with rides and events?  See Drew and Bekka French or Sam Ryskamp.  Is it working with teens?  See our youth director Joseph Parker.  Or children?  See Deb Scripter, or Abe and Becky Dane.  How about working with the very elderly, as I did during my graduate studies?  See Dave Burns for times at Hillsdale Medical Care.  Lots and lots of opportunities abound!  And even if you do not know your calling, now is the time to explore.  Discovery awaits!