Ordination Program

Mission – In-House Elder Training in the Knowledge of God in Christ

To obey and glorify God through local-church ministerial training in gospel theological-vision.

What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2).

Elements from the Pastoral Epistles

  • Local Church Context – personal knowledge both in mentoring and in training
  • Spiritual and Scriptural Piety – both the Spirit and the Bible are necessary for theological faithfulness
  • Relationships in Training – prayer (God), pursuing-God group (brothers), mentors (elders and authors)
  • Historical-Sovereign Gospel – emphasized elements from both the Reformed and Dispensational traditions
  • Gospel Theological-Vision – the wisdom to connect the knowledge of God in Christ to real-life ministry

Entrance Requirements

  • Interview with the elders at Countryside Bible Church
  • Completion of any deficiencies (e.g. reading skills, logic, Bible survey)
  • Membership at a local church, and discussion with their elders

Study – Nine Months (September-May)

Involvement in the ministries of Countryside Bible Church (watch and help)

Participation in the weekly elders meeting and monthly board meeting

Pursuing-God group:

  • Read one or two authors a week (see the reading list) – twenty hours per week
  • Participate in a weekly four-and-a-hour brothers meeting (discussion, prayer, Bible study)
  • Compile a commonplace book of insights into knowing God through His ways and through His Son
  • Accept challenges to personal views and traits, in light of Scripture and in the context of brotherly love

Evaluation interviews – assessing theological progress and personal development

Mentoring – one-on-one personal training with one of the leaders of the church

Practice – Three Months (June-August)

Full participation in the leadership and ministries of the church

Preaching and visitation:

  • Teaching sessions are observed and evaluated for effectiveness
  • Sermon(s) is presented to the elders, refined, preached to the congregation, and evaluated

Ministry interview – assessing gifts and calling, specifically with an eye to internship placement

Internship – Nine Months (September-May)

Ownership of a ministry within a local church, either at Countryside or at one of our partnering churches

Participation in one of the Log College study groups (Bible or Vocational Training) – perhaps leading some

Teaching ministry:

  • Search class series – a book from the Old or New Testaments
  • Weekly preparation and discussion with a mentor, along with evaluation of previous lesson

Exit interview – the local pastor meets with the intern and the elders at Countryside to assess the intern

Ordination candidacy evaluated – elders at Countryside advise pursuing ordination (or not)

Ordination – Two Months (June-July)

Doctrinal statement is prepared:

  • Several historic confessions of faith are read, with a list of doctrine and ministry topics compiled
  • Statements are written for each topic, discussed with a mentor, and revised
  • An abstract of the statements is prepared for the ordination council

Ordination council – local ministers examine the candidate’s calling, doctrine, ministry philosophy, and family

Ordination Service – if approved by the church, the candidate is ordained to the gospel ministry