A Creed

We believe in one God,

The Father, who is the Almighty,

                   Both in His actions (according to His name),

                   And in His knowledge (according to His plan).

He is the Creator of heaven and earth

                                      In six days, and

                   Of male and female

                                      In His image and in their order.

He is the Justifier not of him who has works,

                   But of him who has faith in Jesus Christ.

He saved us according to His mercy—

                   By His grace alone, through faith alone,

                   For His own glory and for our good.

We exist to worship Him in fear and joy forever!

We believe in one Lord,

Jesus, who is the Christ,

                   The only-begotten Son of God;

The eternal Word of Life,

                   True God of True God,

                   Begotten, not made,

                   Consubstantial with the Father.

In the fullness of time, He also became man—

                   Conceived in the virgin, Mary, beneath the Holy Spirit,

                   Born under the Law of Moses before the Holy Spirit.

He suffered at the hands of both Jews and Gentiles,

                   Yet made the good confession to Pontius Pilate.

He died for our sins (according to the Scriptures),

                   And was buried;

He rose again on the third day (according to the Scripture),

                   And was seen by many witnesses.

He ascended into heaven

                   And is seated at the right hand of the Father.

All authority in heaven and on earth belong to Jesus,

                   Who is Christ the Crucified and Christ the Lord!

He is the one Mediator between God and men,

                   The sole Head of the church, and

                   The promised Redeemer of His people Israel.

He will come again to judge the living and the dead:

                   Resurrecting bodily the righteous and the wicked,

                   Rendering to each one according to his deeds—

                                      Everlasting life to the righteous, and

                                      Endless torment to the wicked.

We believe in one Spirit,

The Holy Spirit, who is the Life-Giver,

                   Both in wonders and in salvation.

He is the Author of the Holy Scriptures,

                   Which are the living and abiding Word of God, and

                   Which are totally true and pure of all error.

He is the promised Advocate,

                   Who sanctifies all true believers

                   And convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

We confess our utter sinfulness

                   And absolute dependence on grace,

Our need for spiritual rebirth

                   And progress in holiness.

We confess believer baptism by immersion,

                   The Lord’s table of remembrance,

The fellowship of all believers,

                   And accountability to our local assembly.

We freely submit ourselves

                   To the Great Commission of our Lord,

                   To the keys of His church on earth, and

                   To all human institutions under God.