The duck was right!  Frantic, the feathered fowl informed the barnyard (and especially the piglet Babe) of the frightful future ahead.  “Christmas is carnage!” he exclaimed.

Not meant to be a theological insight, this line from the movie Babe is accurate in two ways. 

First, the Son of God became human at Christmas.  As the gospel of John puts it: “The Word became flesh,” or carnes (Latin for “flesh”) (John 1:14).

Second, the Son of God became flesh in order to die for us (Hebrews 2:14ff).  In other words, He became carnes in order to be carnage for us!  This is the full meaning of the Incarnation—to become Incarnaged for us.

From the mouth of Babe comes new strength: Christmas is carnage!  The duck was right.